Collection starts 10th June

Women Ground breakers

History is full of women whose status is far less than their work deserves. This collection aims to acknowledge women groundbreakers, from scientists, engineers and inventors, to artists and other great thinkers. 

The idea came from a moment of surprise when I was browsing the How It Works “Book of Great Inventors & Their Inventions”: among a collection of 30 inventors, it included only 1 woman.

It got me thinking – we’ve all heard of Einstein, we’ve all heard of Darwin, and Da Vinci. But history is full of groundbreaking women, most of us have never heard of. I think that reputation should be based on achievement, regardless of gender. And so, I’ve created this collection of paintings to redress that balance.

current collection

Women Groundbreakers

Stephanie Kwolek Kevlar Painting

Wernher von Braun

Stephanie Kwolek

Tim Berners-Lee

Hedy Lamarr

Hypatia portrait by Anya Vero Oil On Silk close up



Rosalind Franklin portrait close up tot he eyein oil on silk by Anya Vero

Alexander Fleming

Rosalind Franklin

Grace Hopper painting close up oil on silk by Anya Vero

Patricia Bath


Grace Hopper painting close up oil on silk by Anya Vero

Grace Hopper



Current Exhibitions

Ballet Group Show

Museum Of Modern Art Latvia

Opening 8 July, Open from 9th July

Rite Of Spring, oil on silk, 100x100cm.



Women Groundbreakers

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